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Critical Issues in Women's Health Webinar Series


Join us for an online event focused on the critical issues surrounding women's health. This webinar will provide valuable insights and discussions on impact of social and structural factors on maternal health outcomes. The 2023 APHA Women's Caucus Award Winner will present brief Lightning Talk style presentations (5-minute presentations that highlight their research).


Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and advancements in women's health. Register now to secure your spot!


Featured Speakers:


  • Mariah Jiles, MPH, University of California, Berkeley

    • Beyond black race: Maternal morbidity disparities between US-born and foreign-born black pregnant people in the United States

    • Highest Scoring Student Abstract Award Winner

  • Chanell Haley, PhD, Tulane University

    • Maternity care deserts in Louisiana and breastfeeding initiation rates

    • Highest Scoring Abstract Award Winner

  • Farida Yada, PhD, MPH, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

    • Differences in gestational length at fetal death by maternal nativity among black women in the US

    • Honorable Mention Highest Scoring Student Abstract Award Winner

  • Sze Yan Liu, PhD, MontclairS tate University

    • A multilevel analysis of state-level structural sexism and post-partum maternal health outcomes

    • Honorable Mention Highest Scoring Abstract

  • Marina Andreadis, Wellesley College

    • A scoping review of private insurer programs to provide innovative support for postpartum birthing parents in Massachusetts

    • Best Student Poster/Presentation Award


Contact Dr. Michelle S. Williams for more information at

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